Why Instagram Followers And Likes Are The Best Things Since Aged Wine?swise?

Were you on Orkut? Are you now on Facebook and Twitter? If your answer to these isa yes, then the next big thing in the world awaiting you is Instagram. Instagram, which started out in 2010,has now over 500 million users. Nowonder it is getting better over the years.

Not knowing how to use the account, you might shy away from it initially, but once you have createdan account,then there is no stopping in between.

So, whydo you need to be on Instagram?

1.Using one account, you can update your family and friends about where you are, what you are doing and with who you are in a matter of seconds. Emails are a now becoming a thing of the past and solely for professional purposes.

2.No more waiting to get your pictures clicked with the help of a camera then waiting for some more days to go through those photos and share it with others. Instagram for instant sharing is here.

3.Throughthis platform,you can add many effects to your pictures that you upload bringing in more colour and life, just to make anyone jealous.

4.Raise an Insta follower'sfan club by using popular hashtagsand earn more than a thousand likes for the photos and posts you upload. Moreover, you can now get more followers and likes for the posts and photos that you upload on your account using the automatic likes software.

5.#throwback to refresh and relive through your memories. Isn't it a wonderful thing to take a walk down the memory lane?

Are the five points really getting you excited? Wait no more and join Instagram.

  • 4.Attract followers by laying down a visual treat. It is proven for a fact that among all the socialmedia out there, Instagram scores first when it comes to being the most visual. Hence, exploit this feature to invite maximum number of followers. A word of advice here is that work on a strategy for the posts and pictures that you upload. Interesting ones will definitely bring in new followers.

    5.Timing your posts is very important. Posting every 5 minutes and not posting for days together are considered a bad sign. A good user will usually have about 1-2 interesting posts per day. Quality of what you post is the deciding factor here.

    6.Do not forget to include people who are relevant to your post by tagging them. This will enhance the number of followers.

    7.Just as you tag people, never fail to geotag the locationas well.

    8.Exploit hashtag usage. Do not simply overdo your posts excessive hashtags. Use them only where it is relevant as it helps to connect with new users.

    9.You can also invite a new user or other guests to comment on your post or even better to post on your account.

    10.Most importantly,be yourself and be creative. Everyone loves to follow something that is fresh and creative.

    So go out there, start instagramming, and create your fan club.